YARD is a professional manufacture in inflatables.


       Yard Inflatable Manufacture (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Our company is enjoying an excellent reputation with over many years of experience in the business.  Our extensive line includes inflatable toys, bounce house,mini bounce,Inflatable bouncer, bouncy castle,inflatable slide,inflatable combo,inflatable tent,inflatable water game,inflatable water park,moonwalk,inflatable water slide ,Gaint water park and so on.  Products can be used for both family and commerce.We have the design department to create new ideas and new designs continuously.


         Services are provided from design to final production. Strict inspection for exporting to ensure the excellent quality of our products.


         Each inflatable product is passed our 24-hour inflation test before delivery. We have strong business relations, good services and prompt deliveries. On the basis of fine quality, reasonable price and the best service, our products are of great interest in the worldwide market.

Customers' logos, designs and OEM orders are welcome. Our products have passed all kinds of testing ,such us ASTM,EN71,ROSH,EN 14960 .


         For more information about our company and our products, please visit our home page and contact us now.


Main Products:

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